Do You Have Condensation on Your Air Ducts? Read This

March 2022

Condensation, or small droplets of water forming on your air ducts, may not seem like a big deal. What’s the harm of a little water? Unfortunately, over time, these little bits of water will build up and start to stain anything near it, including drywall, carpets, and ceilings. Unsightly stains are just the beginning. When …

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If you find yourself suffering from the summer heat even though your air conditioner is on full blast, this is a sure sign your AC isn’t working properly. One of the easiest ways to spot an AC issue is to check your outside unit suction line. If your line is coated in ice despite rising …

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Air conditioning is a must-have during the hot summer season in Cape Coral, FL, but it works to maintain temperature year-round. If your air conditioning unit has stopped working, you may find yourself wondering whether you should have it repaired or put out the cash to buy a new one. At Coral Air Conditioning, we …

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