Best AC Filter Replacement in Cape Coral, FL

Are you having trouble getting the cold air you need? A lack of system maintenance is typically to blame for unexpected air conditioning problems. Coral Air Conditioning is committed to helping homeowners throughout the Cape Coral, FL, area enjoy worry-free cooling—and this includes offering annual equipment maintenance and tune ups. Part of our annual service is AC filter replacement. We will help you find the right type of filter that’s best for your household and offer advice on how often to replace it based on your specific indoor comfort needs.

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How Often Should Cape Coral, FL, Homeowners Replace Their AC Filter?

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The average homeowner should plan to have their AC filter replaced every three months.

For households with pets or smokers, we recommend replacing the filter every two months.

If you have household members with asthma or allergies, you may want to replace the filter once a month.

Choosing the Right AC Filter for Your Home at Cape Coral, Florida

No matter which filter you use–whether it’s fiberglass or pleated—you will want to make sure that the filter is able to provide your home with reliable and consistent comfort.

Fiberglass AC filters are commonly used, prove to be low-cost options, and offer great airflow. But they may not be able to trap smaller particles. If you are looking for something more efficient, we recommend pleated AC filters. These offer a better value: they provide a larger surface area to capture particles, and can trap smaller allergens such as smoke and pet dander. Due to their larger surface area, pleated AC filters can be replaced every three months.

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