Call for AC Service Agreements for Cape Coral, FL, Customers

The most effective way to keep your AC equipment running at peak efficiency is to have your system maintained regularly. This not only includes changing out the air filter but professional tune ups and servicing as well. Coral Air Conditioning offers annual service agreements that include spring tune ups for your AC as well as maintenance for your heat pump in the fall.

Join other proactive homeowners and sign up for an annual maintenance plan today! Our Cape Coral, FL, AC team is here to help you achieve greater energy efficiency and year-round comfort.

Benefits of Signing Up for a Service Agreement with Our Cape Coral, FL, AC Company

Regular system maintenance from an AC professional will help you enjoy…

  • Longer-lasting comfort systems

  • Lower energy bills

  • Improved indoor air quality

  • Savings on unnecessary repairs

Customers who sign up for a service agreement can also benefit from priority service and a team of Cape Coral, FL, AC experts who are committed to providing quick turnarounds and the quality solutions you deserve.

Maintenance Plans

Yearly Cost$109$239$329
Maintenance Visits Per Year122
Annual purchase accrual towards system accessories, repairs, or replacement$25$35
Replacement of 1” air filter at time of visit
Priority service within 24 hours
1 Year parts and labor warranty on all repairs* (warranty excludes drain line clearing)
Check air filters and air filter housing
Inspect all registers for dirt
Inspect accessible duct work for moisture, biological growth, tears and leaks
Test unit operations sequence
Test and calibrate thermostat (if possible)
Test and inspect unit safety switches
Inspect cabinet, panels and fasteners
Inspect electrical disconnect boxes
Check for proper equipment grounding
Check voltage drop at contactors
Inspect electrical wire connections
Repair burnt or corroded electrical connections
Check blower motor capacitor
Check condenser fan capacitor
Check compressor capacitor
Check amp draw of all unit motors vs factory spec
Inspect fan blade for balance and proper connection
Oil and lubricate moving parts as needed or possible
Inspect fan oil seals
Inspect and clean condensate drains and traps
Inspect drain pan for biological growth
Test condensate pump
Test TD across evaporator coil
Measure refrigerant charge when TD is below performance threshold
Inspect coil fins
Visually inspect accessible refrigerant circuit for oil leaks
Inspect refrigerant line insulation
Inspect indoor coil for dirt build up where accessible
Evaporator coil treatment with non-rinse cleaner (in place as accessible)
Inspect outdoor coil for dirt build up
Rinse of condenser coilWater RinseChemical Rinse
Test thermostat operation
Check safety switches
Inspect electrical connections and components
Check motor amp draws
Check fan and blower wheels balance and condition
Inspect and clear condensate lines
Inspect unit drain pan for biological growth
Measure cooling ability
Inspect evaporator coil
Visual leak search
Additional systems at the same location$99$219$289
Filter replacementAnnualBi-annualQuarterly

Taking the time to schedule professional maintenance will go a long way towards ensuring your long-term comfort and the long-term efficiency of your comfort system. Our Cape Coral, FL, air conditioning and indoor air quality experts will alert you to any problems we find during maintenance and present you with cost-effective options.

Call now to discuss your AC needs and learn more about signing up for a service agreement. Serving the complete air conditioning and indoor air quality needs of Cape Coral, Florida.



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