Family-Owned & Operated

Established in 2019, Coral Air Conditioning is a family-owned business operated by Paul and Jocelyn Elya. Paul and Jocelyn met while attending Florida State University and began their careers and family in Tallahassee before moving to Cape Coral. Paul grew up in Cape Coral (a St. Andrew and Bishop Verot alumni) and had strong ties to the Southwest Florida community.

Paul worked as a housing, real estate, and home maintenance expert for over ten years. During this time, it became clear that “quality” and “reliability” were not always synonymous with the air conditioning/heating industry. So, Paul decided to change that. Over the past decade, he further developed his skills in the trade and earned his Certified Air Conditioning Contractor license. Paul values the dependable nature of his business, and he genuinely enjoys the work, too. His expertise, reliable nature, and love of working with his hands combined to make Paul and Coral Air Conditioning a company you can trust!

On the other hand, Jocelyn Elya is a former software developer who manages the books and the office at Coral Air Conditioning. Because of her great attention to detail and organization skills, she kept the administrative aspects of the company humming so that Paul and the team could focus on what they do best and enjoy the most — keeping people cool.

Our core values at Coral Air Conditioning are all about trust, dependability, high-quality work, and the importance of customer education. 



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